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Men’s Bounce offers an array of services that go beyond Testosterone Treatment!

Klarity Quest Clinic

Seeking relief from the burdens of mental health challenges or chronic pain? Look no further than Men’s Bounce. We at Klarity Quest are committed to guiding you toward a life of clarity, vitality, and wellness. Experience the transformative power of ketamine IV treatment, as we help you overcome the weight that has been holding you back. Let us pave the way to your journey of rejuvenation.

Bounce IV

You don’t need to pre-determine on your own IV mix and add-ons in advance of your appointment. In the scheduling form you may indicate IV(s) and add-ons of interest. With Bounce, a highly trained prescribing clinician licensed to prescribe IV therapy and other pharmaceuticals available only by prescription will consult with you and evaluate your needs, typically using our secure video conferencing platform. 

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